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By Gentle Dentistry, P.A.
July 24, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Keep your smile healthy by visiting a Haworth, NJ, dentist regularly.

Dental Visit

You’ve probably already heard that it’s important to have a dentist you can turn to, especially because even the healthiest people require routine checkups. That’s right, no matter how healthy you are or how healthy your smile may look you still need to be visiting one of our Haworth, NJ, dentists every six months for routine checkups. After all, taking those preventive measures now could prevent serious problems in the future.

Preventive dentistry is the smartest way to protect your smile against decay or gum disease. After all, a lot of these problems don’t always have symptoms, so you may not even know that something is happening to your smile until you visit your Haworth, NJ, general dentist for a routine checkup.

During your checkup, many things will occur. Most people know that they will have their teeth cleaned. This will ensure that we thoroughly remove all plaque and tartar that may be stuck to teeth, reducing your risk for cavities or gum disease. Furthermore, this cleaning will also remove surface stains to give you a brighter smile.

While you might not know it, we will also perform a quick oral cancer screening. This is important because oral cancer can happen to anyone. Those patients at an increased risk for oral cancer (e.g. smokers) should come at least twice a year (or more often) just to keep teeth clean and to check for early signs of oral cancer. These screenings are painless and only take a minute, but they could just end up saving your life.

Once a year, our dental team will also perform x-rays. These x-rays will allow us to view your mouth in more detail, detecting everything from dental fractures below the gumline to bone loss. These are often issues that our dentist won’t be able to see just by looking at your teeth. Plus, these x-rays are also sensitive to cavities, making it easier to spot cavities between teeth.

Healthy individuals should visit twice a year but those who are susceptible to dental problems such as a smoker, diabetics and pregnant women, to name a few, may want to talk to us about coming in every 3-4 months for preventive dental care.

Is it time for you to schedule your next dental cleaning? We know that everyone leads busy lives, which is why Gentle Dentistry in Haworth, NJ, prides itself on making scheduling your next cleaning simple. We will work with your schedule to make sure you get the dental care you require.