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By Gentle Dentistry, P.A.
May 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Have your teeth darkened, stained or yellowed over time? The American Dental Association says that the 5 top reasons for changes in teeth whiteningtooth enamel color are:

  • dietary choices (coffee, red wine, blueberries, soy sauce)
  • the aging process
  • smoking and chewing tobacco
  • pharmaceuticals such as chemotherapy and radiation for cancer, high blood pressure medications, and tetracycline, among others)
  • accidents, such as a blow to the mouth, or procedures, such as root canal therapy

While professional teeth whitening procedures from your Bergen County dentist won't brighten intrinsic stains from drugs or trauma, it will significantly change teeth discolored from extrinsic sources such as diet and smoking. What kind of teeth whitening is best? Ask your dentists at Gentle Dentistry of Haworth, NJ.

How Teeth Whitening Works

All teeth whitening systems--whether over the counter strips or professionally applied gels--use some form of hydrogen peroxide. Combined with water, hydrogen peroxide essentially bleaches away staining material caught in the mineral matrix of the tooth enamel. Use of store-bought products runs the risk of tooth and gum sensitivity and of simply not working. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening is fully supervised to minimize or eliminate sensitivity and to maximize effectiveness.

At-home and In-office Teeth Whitening

At Gentle Dentistry of Bergen County, your dentist will help you decide what kind of teeth whitening is right for your smile. A thorough oral exam always precedes any cosmetic dentistry service, including teeth whitening. Your doctor wants to be sure teeth are free of extensive restorations, decay and gum disease. It's important to note that whitening does not work on crowns, porcelain veneers and tooth-colored fillings.

If an individual is a good whitening candidate, they may choose the fast in-office treatment or the more gradual at-home application. The dental team carefully protects the soft tissues of the mouth with a rubber dam or retractor and swabs on the powerful peroxide gel. In about an hour, the gel is removed, and teeth look up to 8 full shades brighter.

The at-home version features custom-made whitening trays that fit on the top and bottom teeth. The patient fills the trays with supplied hydrogen peroxide gel and wears the trays for the prescribed amount of time daily for about 2 weeks. The at-home results, while more gradual, are just as spectacular as the in-office kind!

With good oral hygiene--brushing and flossing twice daily--and semi-annual cleanings and check-ups at Gentle Dentistry you can make sure your teeth whitening lasts. Touch-ups, limiting staining foods and smoking cessation are highly recommended.

Would You Like to Smile Confidently?

You can with professional teeth whitening from Gentle Dentistry in Bergen County. Set-up a cosmetic dentistry consultation today, and ask about professional teeth whitening and other great services to transform your smile and your self-confidence. Call (201) 384-1611 for an appointment.