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Dental Implants Permanently Replace Teeth

Wanting to replace failing or missing teeth is not an uncommon desire as over 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. If you are looking to replace any teeth, Gentle Dentistry offers the most natural looking and feeling solution—dental implants. Dr. Andrew Spector and our team specialize in the placement and restoration of dental implants in our Haworth, NJ office, and can replace anywhere from one to multiple and even full arches of missing teeth!

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Candidates for dental implants are those who need to replace a tooth or multiple teeth due to loss or a failing structure/environment. Patients must have sufficient jaw bone volume and have a mouth free of gum disease, but most people are qualified to receive dental implants. Considered the gold standard of tooth replacement, dental implants have a natural look, feel, function and longevity. With proper care, most patients keep them for the rest of their lives and people they interact with never know they have replacement teeth.



Implant Abutment

Implant Body

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Long-term replacement with proper care
  • Eat the foods you love again
  • Speak more clearly
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Preserve the jaw and improve oral health
  • Beautiful, natural-looking smile

The Implant Surgery Process

Dental implants, individually, are composed of three separate parts: the biocompatible titanium post, a lifelike dental crown and an abutment that connects the two together. The titanium implant is securely placed within your jaw bone and through a natural process called osteointegration, the jaw bone will fuse to the implant post as if it were a natural tooth root. The final step of the implant process involves placing a functioning and attractive crown to create a natural and seamless smile.

When performing the dental implant surgery, we utilize the most modern dental technology. We begin the process by capturing highly detailed digital x-rays of your mouth and jaw with a cone beam CT scanner. These images help us create a dental implant guide that directs Dr. Spector and our team to the ideal location to place implants, removing any guesswork and ensuring surrounding nerves and teeth are unharmed. Finally, to restore the crown of your new tooth, we utilize state-of-the-art CEREC® technology that can fabricate an attractive, natural-looking tooth the same day as your appointment! This means you will never have to go any time without a tooth!

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A Talented Team Supporting You

At Gentle Dentistry, we do everything we can to give you the most minimally invasive and painless implant surgery possible. Our investment and use of advanced technology while in the capable hands of Dr. Spector, ensure a high success rate every time. We also work closely with an oral surgeon, Dr. Adam Brisman, during complex dental implant cases. Dr. Brisman is certified to provide IV sedation as well, keeping you safe and calm during your surgery. For those in need of full arch tooth replacement, Dr. Spector is a certified Hybridge® implant provider. Hybridge is a revolutionary approach to giving patients a complete and flawless new smile with dental implants in Haworth, NJ.