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Why Eliminating Gum Disease is Necessary

Gum disease is one of the most common oral diseases, affecting nearly 75 percent of American adults. This is so prevalent due to asymptomatic conditions, a lack of knowledge of the disease, and improper oral health. If you ever see blood when brushing or flossing, have sore and swollen gums, or experience recurring bad breath, you might be affected by the beginning stages of gum disease, called gingivitis.

If these conditions are left untreated, the disease will advance to periodontitis, an incurable condition characterized by loose teeth, gum recession, and tooth loss. With decades of experience and advanced training, we provide minimally invasive and highly effective laser gum disease treatment using the revolutionary Solea® CO2 dental laser.

1 %

of adults suffer from gum disease at some point in their lifetime
1 %

of men are affected by gum disease
1 %

of women are affected by gum disease

How Solea® Laser Dentistry Works

With laser gum disease treatment in Haworth, NJ, we can remove infected tissue and cleanse the mouth of bacteria gently and minimally invasively. Compared to traditional gum disease care, Solea laser gum disease treatment does not require scalpels or sutures and is anesthesia-free! This solution is ideal for almost any patient, regardless of the severity of your case.

The process is simple and gentle. We insert a laser with the thickness of three braided hairs between your gums and tooth roots, destroying infected gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Bacteria, tartar, and plaque are broken down from around the tooth roots, and the healthy gum tissue is stimulated to reattach to your teeth. If bone loss has occurred, the bone tissues can be stimulated to encourage regrowth. Since there is no physical surgery, treatment can be completed quickly, often targeting multiple areas of gum disease in one session, allowing us to cleanse your entire mouth rather than have you return for multiple appointments.

Best of all, Solea laser gum disease treatment is gentle, minimally invasive, and pain-free. Almost all our patients can receive treatment without needing anesthesia. You’ll be able to go about your everyday activities and feel back to normal within days of treatment and, in some cases, the same day as your laser therapy. If you have dental fears, receiving Solea laser gum disease treatment will give you a new outlook on the dentist and significantly improve your oral health.

Advantages of Solea® Laser Gum Disease Treatment:

  • Minimally Invasive – laser light removes disease and leaves healthy tissue unharmed
  • Virtually Pain-Free – most of our patients can receive treatment anesthesia-free
  • Faster Recovery – results you can see the same day as treatment
  • Improved Comfort – no scalpels, sutures or bleeding involved
  • Fewer Appointments – quick treatment allows us to target more areas of disease at a single appointment

Over 15 Years of Laser Dentistry Experience

Dr. Andrew Spector has performed laser dentistry with the Solea laser for over 15 years. He is a certified trainer for other dentists on the uses and best practices of Solea, so you can rest assured that you will receive treatment from an expert.

Dr. Spector is an early adopter of advanced technology, and we frequently use our Solea laser for more procedures than just laser gum disease treatment in Haworth, NJ. We believe that laser dentistry gives patients the gentle, minimally invasive, and effective care they deserve, no matter their procedure.

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