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Seeing is Believing

See what your smile could be with Digital Smile Design

Your Dream Smile is Just a Few Clicks Away

We understand that many times deciding to invest in cosmetic dentistry can be difficult when you are uncertain of what the results will be. At Gentle Dentistry, we have removed that uncertainty with state-of-the-art Smile Virtual Consult technology. Smile Virtual Consult in our Haworth, NJ office allows us to digitally create your new smile before any treatment is performed. You will be able to make changes and adjust your results to match your smile goals. Once you’re satisfied with what our smile preview technology portrays, we can begin the actual cosmetic dentistry treatments  to achieve your dream smile.

How Smile Virtual Consult Works

Smile Virtual Consult is an advanced software that we feature in our office to help visualize restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures. We begin by discovering your smile goals, understanding your needs or wants and deciding on possible treatment options. We will take digital photos of you smiling, much like a professional photo shoot, as well as videos of you talking, smiling and laughing, in order to capture how your teeth appear during natural functions of your mouth. Our doctors will then digitally create new teeth over these images and videos to match your goals and our treatment solutions. The final step includes your big reveal, which allows us to show you just what your new smile will look like on the original pictures and videos we took, transforming your appearance without ever performing a single treatment.

It’s True: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The reveal of a new smile is often very emotional for many patients, sometimes bringing them to tears as they see what a new smile can do to their appearance. Smile Virtual Consult is the equivalent of looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of yourself, but with an all-new smile. You will be able to see yourself talk, laugh and smile in motion, allowing you to get a real feel of what your cosmetic dentistry procedure can do. This is often the turning point for many patients, which helps them understand and make the decision to invest in the health and beauty of their smile.

Advantages of Smile Virtual Consult:

  • See the results of treatment before making a commitment
  • Understand how your new smile compliment your overall appearance
  • Customize your treatment to create a dream smile
  • See your results in motion with video

The Proof Is In Our Patients

Create Your Dream Smile Digitally Today!