Guided Implant Placement - Haworth, NJ

Placing implants precisely as planned

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Gentle Dentistry, when it comes to placing dental implants, we take no shortcuts. Dr. Andrew Spector and our team have placed dental implants for over 27 years. While we are experienced in the service, we have also invested in state-of-the-art guided implant surgery techniques that combine digital technology with physical guides to ensure accurate, safe, and long-lasting dental implants in Haworth, NJ. Guided implant surgery is one of the many modern approaches we incorporate within our all-inclusive dental implant treatment plans so everyone can benefit from safe, effective treatment.

Advantages of Guided Implant Surgery

  • Improved Accuracy – Dr. Spector is guided to the exact location, angle and depth for optimized placement
  • Reduced Risk – With improved precision and planning, fewer complications occur
  • Faster Surgery – Pre-planning means less chair time for you
  • Customized – Every implant guide is unique to each patient’s mouth
  • Patient Education – Patients can see digital images before surgery begins
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Focusing on Minimally Invasive Care

When offering guided implant surgery in Haworth, NJ, we will create an implant guide unique to your treatment plan and needs. Utilizing our in-house cone beam CT scanner and intraoral cameras, we will capture highly detailed 3D images of your mouth and design a specifically customized guide for your mouth. Dental implant guides will be designed to direct our doctors to the specific angle, depth, and position when placing your implants.

This technology ensures we know where nerves, tooth roots, or low jawbone volume are during surgery. We will then create a physical guide placed over your implant site during surgery. This physical guide ensures no guesswork when placing your dental implants and that Dr. Spector gives you the most ideal placement and restoration with dental crowns.

Get advanced, accurate Implant Surgery

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