Oral Surgery - Haworth, NJ

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Surgery

Solutions to Complex Dental Concerns

Oral surgery is a field of dentistry that focuses on surgical procedures within your mouth, not routine cleanings or cosmetic treatments. At Gentle Dentistry, our team is experienced in providing oral surgery care in Haworth, NJ, for a variety of common concerns. We also have a trained oral surgeon on-staff to assist our doctors during procedures. We often use our advanced technology to assist in more accurate and gentle oral surgery procedures to give you customized and predictable results.

Our Select Oral Surgery Procedures

A common solution to replace missing teeth, dental implants involve surgically placing a titanium post into your jawbone that will support a functional dental crown. Our team places and restores hundreds of dental implants every year and utilizes the most up-to-date technology to make the oral surgery procedure minimally invasive and easy.

If you have loose dentures or numerous missing or failing teeth, we can replace an entire arch of teeth to give you a brand-new smile. Our doctors are certified and experienced in the Hybridge® solution, which can get you a permanent new set of teeth in just weeks!

Bone loss in the jaw can occur as a result of missing teeth, damage or disease. When you need to restore this bone to correct the appearance of your jawline or to receive implants, bone grafting may be required. Our oral surgery approach can restore even the most extreme cases of bone loss, even for those in need of a sinus lift.

Tooth extraction is a common oral surgery procedure that involves gently removing problem, damaged, or infected teeth beyond saving. We use extreme care to remove teeth with minimal impact on the jaw and surrounding teeth and to prevent discomfort for our patients.

Wisdom teeth may require patients to undergo a more invasive surgical procedure to remove often impacted teeth in the back of the jaw. Our team can provide IV sedation and expert removal of wisdom teeth to preserve the health of your jaw and ensure faster healing.

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Comprehensive & Comfortable Care

When needing oral surgery in Haworth, NJ, finding an experienced, comprehensive team is essential. At Gentle Dentistry, we have over 80 years of combined dental experience behind our team and can handle almost any dental concern you may have in-house. Dr. Andrew Spector has invested in modern technology to keep our practice on the cutting edge of the industry and give our patients the benefit of gentle, minimally invasive procedures.

We are also IV sedation certified, which allows us to help ease your anxieties and block sensations of discomfort during surgery. At Gentle Dentistry, you don’t have to feel anxious about oral surgery, as we are your all-inclusive location for minimally invasive, discomfort-free solutions.

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